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London Grammar concert opened by Haerts at The Shelter, Detroit 4/5/14

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Got to see them at the Shelter last weekend. Simply amazing.

"Don’t you know that it’s only fear. 
I wouldn’t worry, you have all your life.
I’ve heard it takes some time to get it right.”

Wasting My Young Years ~London Grammar

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Lights Out

Ingrid Michaelson put her new album on youtube last night. ITS SO GOOD.

"So when the lights go out and the sun burns down, I’m gonna climb this night singin’ whoa. It’s the last night now in this one night town singin’ whoa."

-One Night Town ~Ingrid Michaelson (featuring Mat Kearney)

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Over the last 3 of weeks, I’ve attended 10 shows/concerts/recitals, played in 2, and gave 2 of my own. What is this.

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Yay my recital is done. Now I can watch Game of Thrones.

Just found out this lovely lady is coming to the Ark next month! 

"Maybe this is what the world will see—a tiny little version of the tallest tree. An optical illusion of the human mind; posing as a real life"

~Free My Mind (RAC remix) by Katie Herzig

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Went on a food tour around Chicago with some friends this break! 

Stops including

  • Deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s
  • Candied Maple Bruller and Boston Creme donuts from Do-Rite Donut
  • Bao Zhong tea from Intelligentsia
  • Hot Dogs from Portillos
  • Beef Dogs from Al’s Italian Beef
  • Caramel Corn from Garett’s Popcorn Shop
  • Shrimp and Chicken rice (SERVED IN A PINEAPPLE!) along with a Mango Coconut Freeze with Green Tea Bubbles from Joy Yee
  • A Napolean from Pan Hellenic’s Pastry Shop
  • and….some sort of tasty black tea from Bridgeport (SORRY I FORGOT!)
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If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.

Spent like my entire first day back home playing games, eating, and watching the Oscars!

Even though there’s still another day before Spring Break, I’ve had so many classes/meetings cancelled that its pretty much started Wednesday.

Late night Tim Hortons and 7Eleven run with roommates!

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