Sorry for the lack of updates these past days, the wifi in our room has been out for a few days >.>

Anyways, the festival is a little over halfway over now. The first week was relatively chill—just practice, lessons, concerts, and hanging out. I mean, I guess this week isn’t that much different, but we have a whole lot of performing in addition. 

Today was the first of a small two day competition within the festival. The contestants are split in half and we each play two short programs. We play once in the Palace and once in the Cultural Center; also, everything is open to the public!

So all of the participants have arrived and the general demographics are Polish people, Japanese people, and other. After hanging out with them for a few days, I’m starting to pick up some basic phrases in both languages! 

We stopped by a grocery store last night and got snacks for a make-shift FIFA Finale party with the other festival participants! Food here is really good, but also really cheap! 

^This cost like $2

The jetlag is gone, and I’m all settled. So pretty much Nałęczów is like a beautiful park-resort that people visit to rejuvenate. As such, there are always lots of people just hanging out around the park, even if the weather is a bit dreary like its been these couple of days. Our festival is held primarily in two buildings—the cultural center, and Malachowski’s Palace, and also everything’s public so people kinda just walk in and out of during practice and lessons and such. 

So I’m almost done with my first day in Nałęczów, Poland and I’m quite exhausted, yet not quite tired enough to actually pass out. The flights over went by quicker than I expected; special shout-out to NPR podcasts for keeping me distracted! Its currently 8pm here and since I don’t sleep on flights, I’ve been awake (more or less) for almost 30 hours now and all I’ve really done since I arrived here is eat. 

Also incase anyone flies to Copenhagen—their airport isn’t actually an airport. It’s a mall that has plane hangers, but actually though.

Happy America Day!