These past few days here in Warsaw have been so much fun and I’m so grateful for my friend for having us at her gorgeous home…

^(this was her backyard!?!?)

In a few hours we’ll be going our separate ways and I’ll be going to Łódź!

The festival came and went so quickly. Seriously these last two weeks just flew by, but they were absolutely amazing. Got to get to know so many awesome people, work with amazing teachers, and perform in five concerts (plus join the amazing Cliff Monear for a piece on his solo jazz concert)! 

Currently I’m in my friend’s house in Warsaw along with two other friends from the festival. We’ve been here for two days now and we seriously are being spoiled to death. 

Sorry for the lack of updates these past days, the wifi in our room has been out for a few days >.>

Anyways, the festival is a little over halfway over now. The first week was relatively chill—just practice, lessons, concerts, and hanging out. I mean, I guess this week isn’t that much different, but we have a whole lot of performing in addition. 

Today was the first of a small two day competition within the festival. The contestants are split in half and we each play two short programs. We play once in the Palace and once in the Cultural Center; also, everything is open to the public!

So all of the participants have arrived and the general demographics are Polish people, Japanese people, and other. After hanging out with them for a few days, I’m starting to pick up some basic phrases in both languages! 

We stopped by a grocery store last night and got snacks for a make-shift FIFA Finale party with the other festival participants! Food here is really good, but also really cheap! 

^This cost like $2