Łódź and Częstochowa were both a lot fun and so different each other. I stayed mainly towards the center of both cities so here are my first impressions of both places.

Łódź is like an interesting mix of all things commercial and pop culture. On one hand you the famous Piotrkowska Street full of all sorts of shops and restaurants, leading to the supermall cultural hub that is Manufaktura. The street is filled with statues of famous Polish artists, writers, poets, etc (I found Rubenstein!) and has a Hollywood-esque walkway with engraved names of Polish actors and actresses!

Częstochowa on the other hand has a nice quaint feeling about it. The city seems to be a bit smaller and older, and its famous Jasna Góra Monastery attracts people from all over Poland for frequent pilgrimages (there were nuns EVERYWHERE!)

These past few days here in Warsaw have been so much fun and I’m so grateful for my friend for having us at her gorgeous home…

^(this was her backyard!?!?)

In a few hours we’ll be going our separate ways and I’ll be going to Łódź!

The festival came and went so quickly. Seriously these last two weeks just flew by, but they were absolutely amazing. Got to get to know so many awesome people, work with amazing teachers, and perform in five concerts (plus join the amazing Cliff Monear for a piece on his solo jazz concert)! 

Currently I’m in my friend’s house in Warsaw along with two other friends from the festival. We’ve been here for two days now and we seriously are being spoiled to death.